Exploring Ecospirituality

Exploring Ecospirituality – connecting with the Earth through our heart and spirit, to strengthen professional and societal Earth ethics and governance

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is part of a global movement of lawyers and other professionals inspired by deep ecology and the knowledge that we are all part of an interconnected, interdependent Earth community.  AELA is interested in facilitating conversations about the common threads that bind all of us, in our deep care and commitment to custodianship of the Earth.  The aim of this program is to bring interested people together from different cultures, and from secular and faith backgrounds –  including academics, students, environmentalists and interested citizens – to explore different perspectives of ecospirituality and how it can inspire a shared ethic to care for the Earth.


AELA is hosting a 2 day conference in September/October 2017, called ‘Inspiring Earth Ethics: Linking Values and Actions’.  The conference will be of particular interest to people engaged in education (schools, universities and adult education), faith communities, applied ethics, deep ecology, psychology and community based environmental activism.

The Conference will be held at the Griffith University’s Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue, Nathan Campus, Brisbane.  More details will be available soon.


From mid 2014 to November 2016, AELA has been working with partners in Brisbane, Melbourne and the Blue Mountains, to host seminars and workshops focused on different aspects of ecospirituality.  In Brisbane, our team includes the Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue at Griffith University, Earthlink and WiseEarth Education.  In Melbourne we collaborate with Earth Song and other local groups, and in the Blue Mountains, NSW, we work with Pagaian Cosmology at Moon Court.

Our final seminar for 2016 will be held in Brisbane in late November/early December (date to be determined) and will focus on indigenous spirituality


  • 14 May 2016, Brisbane “A Walk with a Difference in Toohey Forest”.  Evening seminar. Please click here for photos from this very popular morning walk.
  • Tuesday 27 October, Brisbane – “The significance of the Pope’s Encyclical”. Evening seminar. Please click here for information about the event.
  • 5th September 2015, Blue Mountains – “Cosmic Walk”, 1 day event co-hosted by Pagaian Cosmology. Please click here for further information.
  • 18 August 2015, Melbourne -“Exploring Ecospirituality: Faith, Earth Ethics and Professional Life” – Evening seminar, co-h0sted with Earth Song.  For a copy of the flyer please click here.
  • 23 June 2015, Brisbane – “Nurturing a Spiritual Approach to Climate Change”. Evening seminar. Please click here for the flyer.
  • 23 March 2015, Brisbane – ‘Exploring Ecospirituality in Harmony Week’.  To see the flyer for this event, please click here.  To read a lovely article written about the event – and see some photos – please click here.
  • 11th December 2015, Brisbane – “Journey of the Universe: Film Night and Discussion” – Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue, Griffith University.  Please click here for more information
  • 22 November, 2014 – Perth.  1 day “Exploring Ecospirituality” workshop.  Please click here for information about this past event.
  • 25 July, 2014 – Brisbane  – 1 day ‘Exploring Ecospirituality Workshop. This workshop explored ecocentrism and ecospirituality from indigenous, Buddhist, Islamic, Pagan, Christian and secular points of view.  100 people joined us for the presentations and the day also featured open space and small group discussions.  For more information, including a copy of the flyer and program, please click here.

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If you have ideas for workshops, publications or other types of collaborative activities, please email: ecospirituality@earthlaws.org.au


A new page dedicated to sharing information, links and resources about ecospirituality in Australia is coming soon.

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