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AELA lawyers and scientists can give short/guest lectures (1 hour), half or full day workshops and longer courses at the University level, about subjects including:

  • the general principles of sustainability
  • environmental governance and systems thinking
  • cross cultural courses sharing information about Indigenous culture and environmental governance
  • Earth jurisprudence, Wild Law and Rights of Nature laws around the world
  • Environmental and planning law
  • Ecological justice
  • Earth Ethics
  • Earth Systems Science, Planetary Boundaries and Bioregional ecological governance


Law and legal theory

In 2016, AELA's National Convenor, Dr Michelle Maloney, created and taught Australia's first university level course on Earth jurisprudence, at Griffith University Law School. It is now an annual course taught through Griffith University.

AELA’s 2018 Griffith University course: 'Wild Law - the theory and practice of Earth jurisprudence' – will be held from 27 November to 2 December, Griffith University Law School, Nathan Campus, Brisbane.

AELA currently teaches into the Griffith College of Art 'In-field' course every year, as well as other ad hoc lectures at universities.  If you're interested in having an Earth jurisprudence lecture included in your course, please contact us on

Wild Law Summer School 2016, held at Griffith University, Brisbane

Wild Law Summer School 2016, held at Griffith University, Brisbane