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Workshops and seminars in Western Australia 7-11 July Asserting community and nature’s rights – a new legal framework to stop unwanted developments

AELA is pleased to be working with the Western Australian Forest Alliance (WAFA) to host a series of workshops, seminars and meetings in Perth, Jarrahdale and Margaret River from 7-11 July.

* PERTH - Monday evening, 7th July, 6-7.30pm – Public Lecture. Click here for a copy of the flyer and how to book your place.

* JARRAHDALE - Tuesday morning, 8th July, 9.30am – 12.30pm  – Workshop.  Click here for a copy of the flyer, including venue details.

* MARGARET RIVER - Wednesday 9th July, 2-5pm – Workshop.  Click here for a copy of the flyer, including venue details.


Communities around the world are actively resisting fracking, mining, logging and the destruction of their local waterways and biodiversity. In Australia, State and Federal laws often don’t help - in fact, much of the time they permit the environmental destruction that communities are fighting to stop.  So can we change the way our legal system works? In the US, more than 150 communities have passed local ordinances that assert community and nature’s rights and stop unwanted development.  These laws are part of a global Earth democracy and Earth laws movement, where people are combining peaceful civil disobedience with local law making, to protect what they love and change our legal culture.

Can we use this model in Australia?

Join us for public lectures and workshops with Michelle Maloney, National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance.  Michelle will provide an update on the campaigns and local law making in the US that are helping communities take control of the health and future of their bio-region.  We will then discuss how similar strategies might work in Western Australia


Please contact:

Michelle Maloney, AELA National Convenor -

Jess Beckerling, Western Australian Forest Alliance -

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