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“Lets Talk About Consumption” Workshop and Publication Series

This workshop and publication series brings together experts from a range of fields, who will help us understand: current consumption patterns; our ecological footprint and other methods for calculating our impact; current knowledge about our ecological limits, including Earth System Science and Planetary Boundaries; the perceived cultural, economic and political ‘barriers’ which currently make it difficult to address consumption and the legal, regulatory and other responses that we can use to support sustainable consumption in Australian society.

WORKSHOPS IN 2018 – AELA will be hosting new workshops from 2018 onwards

PAST WORKSHOPS – including powerpoint presentations from speakers

  • Adelaide – Friday 27th May 2016 –For information about this workshop, including a copy of all powerpoint presentations, please click here.
  • Melbourne – Friday 4th March 2016. Information and presentations from this workshop can be found on this webpage.  
  • Brisbane – Friday, 28thAugust 2015. For information, presentations and audio recordings from this workshop, please click here.


  • AELA’s Consumption Survey –click here
  • Reading and reference material about reducing consumption –click here
  • AELA’s Facebook discussion group –click here


Everyone’s invited to participate in AELA’s National Survey about consumption.

Click here to go to our online survey, and tell us about your community’s projects and initiatives aimed at reducing consumption.  We’re also inviting people to provide your views about the role of law and regulation in supporting a sustainable consumption future.  The ideas, case studies and recommendations generated by participants around Australia will form part of a major publication series, aimed at supporting civil society initiatives and influencing public policy and law reform.