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Call for contributions - Inspiring Earth Ethics
Online Journal, 2018

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is inviting people to contribute to a new online publication called ‘Inspiring Earth Ethics in Australia’.  The peer reviewed publication will be available online, via the AELA website and will include written articles and links to multi-media material. It will be openly accessible and updated every two years.

The publication follows on from the successful ‘Inspiring Earth Ethics’ Conference, held in Brisbane in November 2017, and the 2018 publication will draw together papers from the 2017 conference, as well as additional material from interested contributors.

Guidelines for Contributors

People who would like to contribute a piece to the Earth Ethics 2018 online publication are invited to submit a 300 word abstract outlining what you’d like to contribute, by 23rd April.  Abstracts chosen to be written up in full will be selected by our AELA editorial team in May and the publication will be made available by August 2018. Please keep in mind the online publication will focus on Earth Ethics in an Australian (rather than global) context.

Contributions can include:

  • Articles: 800-1,500 word articles written for a general readership, with up to 6 reputable references noted at the end of the piece
  • Creative responses and interventions relating directly to Earth Ethics, including:
    • Stories/fiction (between 500 and 1,000 words long)
    • Poems
    • Photos or art works
    • Video and audio recordings of sound installations, musical and dance performances, other

Themes to be addressed can include any of the following:

  • Understanding Ethics and Earth Ethics; ethics for beginners, explaining the historical and contemporary relevance of ethics and Earth centred ethics
  • First Nations ethics, wisdom and knowledge;
  • Arts; opening the door to possibility and communicating pre-conscious insights
  • Faith and wisdom traditions; collective hope and finding language for deeper knowing
  • Environmental philosophy; lessons learned and frames for thinking
  • Experiences of being; relationality and the more than human world
  • Psychology and self-awareness; human behaviour and being with change and loss
  • Morality in the Anthropocene; answering new questions
  • Education; teaching, training and strategies for dialogue across spheres
  • Ethical decision making and practical tools
  • Law, governance and ethics

Earth Ethics

AELA’s “Earth Ethics” publication aims to invite all voices to share their knowledge and understanding about living an Earth centred life and building an Earth centred governance system for our wider community.

Earth ethics break from a dualistic model of separation between humans as finite individuals and environment as an ‘out there’ resource.  Instead, Earth Ethics aim to orient us towards ways of relating, understanding and acting that move from a living connection with life’s systems. Because we believe that the ways we think about ourselves and understand the world ultimately inform our laws and structures and vice versa, building Earth Ethics has significant implications for our larger governance structures too.

On an individual level, embodying an Earth Ethic is not something we necessarily have to think about but perhaps something that emerges within us as a natural result of seeing and experiencing our life as intimately connected with our surroundings. Coming from a systems approach, our idea is of Earth Ethics as emerging from within, almost a natural inclination that moves outwards. How this inclination moves outwards is our collective focus and a path with huge potential for dialogue, co-creation, experimentation and reflection.

AELA intends the “Earth Ethics” publication to provoke reflection, learning and action, so that we can all be part of the turn towards Earth centred law, governance and ethics.