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AELA offers a range of teaching and training modules for high school teachers and students.

AELA can run full day, half day and 2-3 hour workshops, as well as 1 hour interactive presentations, tailored to the needs of your school and your students.

We can introduce students to a broad range of topics, including:

  • the general principles of sustainability
  • environmental governance and systems thinking
  • cross cultural courses sharing information about Indigenous culture and environmental governance
  • Earth jurisprudence, Wild Law and Rights of Nature laws around the world
  • Earth Systems Science, Planetary Boundaries and Bioregional ecological governance
  • Ecological justice
  • Earth Ethics

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What people say about AELA’s Highschool Workshops

“Dr Michelle Maloney from AELA gave an engaging, thought-provoking and truly inspiring presentation at a recent sustainability symposium for high school students. Our students commented afterwards how they were amazed at the vast angles of consideration that caring for our Earth entailed and they were excited by the prospect of being able to make a difference to urgent issues. Thank you AELA for presenting such a vast breadth material and for encouraging our students to confidently think outside the box.”  Kathy Jarrett, Ignatius Park College, Townsville – April 2018

“I can highly recommend a workshop by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance for your high school. AELA’s Convenor, Dr Michelle Maloney gave a workshop as part of our Sustainability Symposium, which involved more than 80 students from Years 9-11. Michelle gave a lively and stimulating introduction to the core problems we face in building a sustainable society, and introduced the students to how we can build solutions through systems thinking and Earth centred governance. Michelle was wonderful to work with and we look forward to working with and learning from Michelle and Australian Earth Laws Alliance in the future.”  Etaoin Donovan, St Laurence’s College, Brisbane, June 2018

Sustainability Symposium, St Laurence's College, April 2018