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Webinar: Why we need a critical legal innovation to tackle climate change

Thurs 10th December @ 6pm AEST

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Join us for an important discussion with one of the world's most innovative legal thinkers.

In his presentation, Paulo Magalhães will discuss the legal structural roots of the climate emergency, and provide an introduction to how we can rethink responsibility for our shared commons.  He proposes a new approach to recognising the legal status of the Earth system that will enable us to tackle climate change together - the 'Earth condominium’ concept.

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER - Paulo Magalhães

Paulo is a Jurist and researcher at CIJE - the Centre for Legal and Economic Research, at the University of Porto, Portugal.

In 2007, he published "The Earth Condominium: From Climate Change to a New Juridical Conception of the Planet". In 2016, he was co-editor of the "SOS Treaty - The Safe Operating Space Treaty: A New Approach to Managing Our Use of the Earth System".

Paulo is the Founder and President of "Common Home of Humanity", and holds
a Post-Doc in the Faculty of Law, University of Porto, about the legal status of climate and the legal structural roots of climate emergency. He holds a degree in Law, from the Catholic University of Porto, a Post-Doc in Environmental Law, University of Coimbra and a PhD in Human Ecology, Nova University of Lisbon.


FACILITATED by Dr. Michelle Maloney, Co-Founder and National Convenor, Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA)

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