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AELA’s Team

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2020 Volunteers by Program

Law and Regulation Team - Australian Centre for the Rights of Nature; Australian Peoples' Tribunal for Community and Nature's Rights

Margot Slabbert
Isaac Beales
Immy Potgieter
Christina Meyers
Immy Potgeiter
Student Interns: Calum Hendersen, Sophia Bird

GreenPrints and Ecological Limits

James Lee
Ruth Luckins
Luke Tran
Matt Gore
Roly Lazdins
Josephine Graham-Freeman
Cameron Beetham
Sophia Bagatsing

Earth Arts (volunteers and arts advisors)

James Lee
Marian Drew
Claudia Pilon-Summons
Ally Moulis

New Economy

Rhiannon Hardwick
Student Interns: Ella Wylynko, Michaela Geluk

Research and Events

Rosy Whelan
Kelly Tudhope
Fraser Gray
Kate Whight


Mark Taylor
Cassidy Mogg