Our Programs

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is a national not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding and practical implementation of Earth centred law, governance and ethics (or 'Earth jurisprudence') in Australia. AELA works to build long term systemic change, so that human societies can shift from human centred to Earth centred governance.  Our vision is to create human societies that live within their ecological limits, respect the rights of nature and enjoy productive, sustainable economies that nurture the health of the wider Earth community.

We are 'idealistic realists': we know that shifting our industrialised societies from their current destructive relationship with the natural world, toward a healthier future, will take hard work - but we believe a more compassionate, just and earth centred human society is possible. AELA is powered by committed volunteers, who work together as individuals and organisations to promote the understanding and practical implementation of Earth jurisprudence and Earth centred governance in Australia.

Themes of Our Work

Our work is multi-disciplinary and brings people together from different cultures, professional backgrounds and bio-regions of Australia.  Our work combines academic research, advocacy and practical, community based projects.

Our work is connected by five core themes: changing culture, reconnecting with what matters, building community, building alternatives and transforming law and governance.

** Find out more information about AELA's core themes, and how we work.

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Our Programs

Within our core themes of work, we have created a range of programs that aim to implement and achieve our goals.

Our current programs include: