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Earth Arts

Nurturing the role of creativity in transforming law and governance

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance believes that cultural change is a vital part of building Earth centred law, governance and ethics. Our Earth Arts Program and an Earth Arts Collective are an important part of our culture change work.

Our next major arts program will be held in 2022, in conjunction with our biennial Earth Laws Conference and 'Rights of Nature' Week 2022.


Please visit our dedicated website for our Earth Arts Program –

AELA Earth Arts Website


Past Events and Projects

Please click on the links to find out more about – and see photos from – the events below:

Voices of Nature 2020 - AELA's Biennial Arts Program

RONA18 - ('Rights of Nature Australia 2018') Celebrating the Rights of Nature

  • View the catalogue from our 2018 Arts Program, which was connected to the 2018 Peoples' Tribunal and biennial Earth Laws Conference.

RONA16 (‘Rights of Nature Australia 2016’) Celebrating the Rights of Nature

  • View the catalogue from our 2016 Arts Program, which was connected to the Peoples Tribunal for the Rights of Nature Australia.

Earth Leaders Lab – July 2014, Bundanon NSW

  • In conjunction with Bundanon Siteworks, AELA worked with De Quincey Co and Lean Productions to run a 1 day workshop that brought people together from the arts, education, law, science and architecture, to explore how our different professional traditions engage with caring for the Earth.  Our National Convenor, Michelle Maloney, also joined a panel facilitated by ABC journalist Robin Williams, and AELA Project Manager Jules Livingstone led workshop discussions with Bundanon participants about Earth laws topics.

Wild Law Art Exhibition – September 2013, Brisbane

  • This art exhibition was created in partnership with Professor Marian Drew and her colleagues and students at the Griffith University College of Art.  It opened in conjunction with AELA’s 2013 Wild Law Conference, titled “Living within our Ecological Limits – Law and Governance for a Finite World”.

Wild Law Arts Incubator – June 2012, Sydney

  • In partnership with De Quincey Co. This workshop was organised by De Quincey Co, to bring Earth lawyers, indigenous community leaders and artists together to explore Earth jurisprudence. AELA’s National Convenor Dr Michelle Maloney gave a talk and led workshop discussions at the event.