Bioregional Governance: Greenprints

Greenprints focuses on a critical question: how can we create governance and legal systems that help us live within our ecological limits and nurture the Earth community?

Rights of Nature 2020

AELA is pleased to invite you to join us as we explore and celebrate the living world, in our biennial Rights of Nature Week, from 12-18 October 2020

Earth Laws Asia Pacific :
Earth, Sea, Fire, Spirit

Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th October, 2020
Online Conference

Planetary Boundaries Series 2020

Watch the recordings from our exciting event series exploring Planetary Boundaries, the ecological crisis, and living within our limits.

Australian Centre for the Rights of Nature

The Australian Centre for the Rights of Nature provides information about the international Rights of Nature movement and to work with communities in Australia, to explore how changing the legal status of nature can help people protect the ecosystems most precious to them.

Australian Peoples’ Tribunal for Community and Nature’s Rights

The Australian Peoples’ Tribunal (APT) for Community and Nature’s Rights is a permanent civil society institution and unique forum for ecological and social justice in Australia.

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance acknowledges that the sovereignty of the First Nations People of the continent now known as Australia was never ceded by treaty nor in any other way.

AELA acknowledges and respects First Nations Peoples’ laws and ecologically sustainable custodianship of Australia over tens of thousands of years through land and sea management practices that continue today.


Earthwords and Artlings Anthology

Volume 1: Voices of Nature 2020

Now available, the first volume of AELA’s Earthwords and Artlings Anthology.

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Reimagining an Earth Centered Economy with Michelle Maloney

Have a listen to AELA’s National Convenor, Dr Michelle Maloney, chat with “Post Growth Australia” podcast host Michael Bayliss, about Earth laws, Earth jurisprudence and Earth centred economies.

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Inspiring Earth Ethics: Linking Values and Action

Earth Ethics Australia – Volume 1

This publication is the first produced by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance’s “Earth Ethics Program”, which offers a space for people to explore ideas and actions that stem from our interconnectedness with, and dependence upon, the living world. Our ethical values are critically important; the way we think about ourselves and understand our world informs the governance systems that guide our societies, so our ethical world view is a critical part of the roots for larger change. Earth ethics orient people towards recognising the interconnected systems of life that we are part of, and in turn help us reflect, make decisions and act in a way that nurtures rather than destroys the living world.

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Media Release: First Rights of Nature bill introduced in Australia

Diane Evers, a Member of the Western Australian Parliament, has introduced a Bill to recognise the Rights of Nature and Future Generations. This is the first time that legislation aiming to recognise the rights of nature has been introduced in an Australian Parliament.

The Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) is working with communities and organizations in Australia, to advance the Rights of Nature. AELA assisted with legal and drafting advice for the legislation and congratulates MP Evers for introducing the Bill.

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Stygofauna Nests - Jude Roberts & Helen Hardess

AELA Earth Arts 2020

In 2020, the Earth Arts Collective will be hosting workshops, talks and discussions, and preparing for our biennial Rights of Nature arts exhibitions and events – Voices of Nature 2020.

To stay up to date with developments, please sign up to our Earth Arts newsletter and visit our Earth Arts website.

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