The Australian Earth Laws Alliance acknowledges that the sovereignty of the First Nations People of the continent now known as Australia was never ceded by treaty nor in any other way.

AELA acknowledges and respects First Nations Peoples’ laws and ecologically sustainable custodianship of Australia over tens of thousands of years through land and sea management practices that continue today.


Earthwords & Ponderings

Welcome to ‘Earthwords and Ponderings’, where I share updates and ponderings about the amazing work we do within the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), New Economy Network Australia (NENA) and Future Dreaming.

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Is Sustainability Enough? What we can learn from the rise (and rise) of rights of nature and Earth laws

What we can learn from the rise (and rise) of rights of nature and Earth laws.

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Push to give our natural world the legal right to thrive

by Mornington Peninsula Magazine

When recently elected Deputy Mayor Debra Mar was a Mornington Peninsula Shire councillor, she noticed a rising anxiety in people as she listened to her community, particularly around the impact of development and fragmentation of native …

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Rights of Nature in the Mornington Peninsula


AELA commends the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for passing a resolution last night (18 October 2022), to explore the concept of Rights of Nature, as a foundational framework for Council strategies, plans and future actions.

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Greenprints with Dr Michelle Maloney

Listen to AELA’s National Convenor, Dr Michelle Maloney, discussing Greenprints on the Post-Growth Australia Podcast with Michael Bayliss.

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Earth Laws Month 2022

Recordings available now! Click here!

Welcome to Earth Laws Month! AELA hosted a huge month of events throughout September 2022 – webinars, public lectures, workshops, virtual art exhibitions and more – to explore and celebrate our relationship with the living world.

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Space Exploration 2022

What’s really happening in the world of space exploration? Should we be worried about the impacts of mining and human settlements on the Moon? Should the Moon be recognised as a legal entity? Will we soon be living on Mars? What impact will any of this have on humans and life on Earth? What obligations do human beings have, to care for and protect our cosmic neighbours? Who’s making these decisions, and should more people have a say over the governance of space exploration?

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Course: Introduction to Earth Laws

Facilitated by Dr Michelle Maloney, featuring experts from legal fields including Earth jurisprudence, Rights of Nature, Ecocide, Indigenous First Laws and more.

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Decolonising Our Thinking and Actions

Please join the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), the Greenprints program and Future Dreaming Australia, for a FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP, that explores how we can decolonise our thinking and actions. This workshop explores key scholarship on Western culture, …

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Caring for Country, Caring for Each Other: Celebrating World Localisation Day in Australia

How can we work together to create deep localization and a wellbeing society? How can we create a fair, ecologically healthy society for all, while responding to the challenges of ‘greenwashing’ and the corporatization of sustainability strategies?

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Hanging Rock Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains City Council becomes First Council in Australia to Adopt Rights of Nature as a Foundational Principle

The Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) has become the first Local Council – and in fact the first Government entity – in Australia, to embed ‘Rights of Nature’ as a keystone concept into its operational practices, planning process and advocacy program.

On 27 April 2021, the Council unanimously resolved to proceed with a new program of action that will see Rights of Nature concepts inform its long-term planning and operational activities.

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Earthwords and Artlings Anthology

Storytelling is as old as humanity, and in the 21st Century, stories are still our most powerful way to share our experiences, creativity, wisdom and inspiration.

AELA’s mission is to increase the understanding and practical implementation of Earth centred governance, …

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Ocean Rights and Kinship Alliance [ORKA]

The Ocean Rights and Kinship Alliance (ORKA) is a network of people working to uphold and defend the fundamental rights of the ocean.

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