The Australian Earth Laws Alliance invites everyone interested in our mission and our work to become a member of our organisation.

Why Become a Member?

AELA is a volunteer run organisation and our work is driven by our member’s interests.  By becoming a member, you provide direct support to AELA through your membership fees; you can create AELA supported member projects and you can participate in AELA working groups.  By becoming a member you’ll also be able to vote at Annual General Meetings and nominate for the AELA Board of Directors.

How to Become a Member

Annual membership costs just AU$30.

Already a Member?

Further Information

If you have any questions about AELA membership, or if you have any member projects you’d like to discuss with us, please contact our National Convenor – Dr Michelle Maloney:

Membership is open to any person whose application is approved by the AELA Board subject to payment of the membership fee.