Declaration of the Rights of the Moon

Draft for circulation and discussion
version: 11 February 2021

We the people of Earth -

Acknowledging the unique, intact, interconnected lunar environments and landscapes which exist on the Moon;

Acknowledging the ancient, primordial relationship between Earth and the Moon;

Mindful of how much is still unknown about the co-origins of Earth and the Moon;

Aware that the Moon is critically important to the healthy functioning of the Earth System, and is a vital sustaining component of all life on Earth;

Aware that the Moon holds deep cultural and spiritual meaning for human beings;

Acknowledging that the cycles of the Moon have enabled life itself to evolve on Earth;

Mindful of the immeasurable value the Moon holds as a repository of deep time and connection among all beings who have ever lived on Earth, since its features have remained almost unchanged since time immemorial;

Conscious that wealthy nations and corporations are developing technologies that may make it possible to return to, live on, mine and otherwise alter the Moon;

Aware of humanity’s impact on the Earth - causing ecosystem collapse, a new era of mass species extinction and global climate change - and seeking to avoid destruction and change to the natural systems and ecosystems of the Moon,

Declare that -

  1. The Moon – which consists of but is not limited to: its surface and subsurface landscapes including mountains and craters, rocks and boulders, regolith, dust, mantle, core, minerals, gases, water, ice, boundary exosphere, surrounding lunar orbits, cislunar space – is a sovereign natural entity in its own right and, in accordance with established international space law, no nation, entity, or individual of Earth may assert ownership or territorial sovereignty of the Moon.
  2. The Moon possesses fundamental rights, which arise from its existence in the universe, including:
    • (a) the right to exist, persist and continue its vital cycles unaltered, unharmed and unpolluted by human beings;
    • (b) the right to maintain ecological integrity;
    • (c) the right to be defined as a self-sustaining, intelligent, cohesive, intact lunar ecosystem, beyond current human comprehension;
    • (d) the right to independently maintain its own life-sustaining relationship with the Earth’s environments and living creatures; and
    • (e) the right to remain a forever peaceful celestial entity, unmarred by human conflict or warfare.

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Connect with the Facebook Group for discussions and news about the Declaration of the Rights of the Moon.

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123 Tim D. MOUNT LAWLEY Australia
122 Anonymous Melbourne Australia
121 Anonymous Bear United States Yes to ALL of this.
120 Anonymous London United Kingdom Humans need to respect the sanctity of the Moon, and not exploit it for commerce.
119 Anonymous Canberra Australia
118 Margaret B. Mentone Australia
117 Emma B. Brisbane Australia
116 Anonymous Hobart Australia
115 James T. Upper Sturt Australia
114 Michael N. Melbourne Australia
113 Troy D. Carina Australia
112 Raymond P. BRONX United States
111 Carol C. Euroa Australia A necessary and important document. Clear and concise - congratulations.
110 Anonymous Annecy France
109 Linelle S. Sydney Australia
108 Anonymous Mooney Pond Australia
107 Catherine L. Byron Bay Australia I am so grateful that AELA have taken the initiative to put this together. The thought of another intact ecosystem being invaded and potentially exploited and destroyed by human beings is unconscionable and deeply sad. Thank you for doing this
106 Sylvie M. Ballina Australia
105 Anonymous Sydney Australia
104 Anonymous Talking Rock United States
103 Anonymous Annandale United States
102 Anonymous Bowen, Qld Australia We have everything we need to survive and thrive right here on Earth. The moon does not need anything more done to it by us.
101 Anonymous Carina Heights Australia
100 Kat O. Melbourne Australia
99 Anonymous Yarraville Australia
98 Anonymous SYDNEY Australia
97 Anonymous Bendigo Australia Like the Moon, may this declaration become a lunar vision that connects us all.
96 Anonymous Elsternwick Australia
95 Kel B. Umina Beach Australia
94 nola h. melbourne Australia
93 Anonymous Melbourne Australia
92 Raphaelle R. melbourne Australia Excellent beginning, keep going
91 Anonymous Trinity Park Australia
90 Anonymous Gwandalan Australia
89 Anonymous Melbourne Australia
88 Anonymous Chino United States
87 Prof Jonathan Paul D. San Antonio United States Blessings of Peace, Joy & Hope for a Legacy of Lunar Light, Life & Love
86 Anonymous Los Angeles United States
85 Steven S. Melbourne Australia The Ancient Greek myths warned humanity of the fallacy of hubris and yet humankind continues live and think as demigods. The moon goddess Selene is not to be messed with.
84 Anonymous Melbourne Australia
83 Janka N. Dublin Ireland
82 Blathnaid m. Armagh United Kingdom Humans do not have the right to mine the moon
81 Leah W. Mount Dandenong Australia
80 Nina D. Sydney Australia
79 Sinead M. Tipperary Ireland
78 Chris C. Grove City United States The moon should be off limits to all development, period!
77 Kevin O. St Kilda Australia
76 Marianne D. Sydney Australia
75 Maxine I. Melbourne Australia
74 Georgia P. Melbourne Australia