Declaration of the Rights of the Moon

Draft for circulation and discussion
version: 11 February 2021

We the people of Earth -

Acknowledging the unique, intact, interconnected lunar environments and landscapes which exist on the Moon;

Acknowledging the ancient, primordial relationship between Earth and the Moon;

Mindful of how much is still unknown about the co-origins of Earth and the Moon;

Aware that the Moon is critically important to the healthy functioning of the Earth System, and is a vital sustaining component of all life on Earth;

Aware that the Moon holds deep cultural and spiritual meaning for human beings;

Acknowledging that the cycles of the Moon have enabled life itself to evolve on Earth;

Mindful of the immeasurable value the Moon holds as a repository of deep time and connection among all beings who have ever lived on Earth, since its features have remained almost unchanged since time immemorial;

Conscious that wealthy nations and corporations are developing technologies that may make it possible to return to, live on, mine and otherwise alter the Moon;

Aware of humanity’s impact on the Earth - causing ecosystem collapse, a new era of mass species extinction and global climate change - and seeking to avoid destruction and change to the natural systems and ecosystems of the Moon,

Declare that -

  1. The Moon – which consists of but is not limited to: its surface and subsurface landscapes including mountains and craters, rocks and boulders, regolith, dust, mantle, core, minerals, gases, water, ice, boundary exosphere, surrounding lunar orbits, cislunar space – is a sovereign natural entity in its own right and, in accordance with established international space law, no nation, entity, or individual of Earth may assert ownership or territorial sovereignty of the Moon.
  2. The Moon possesses fundamental rights, which arise from its existence in the universe, including:
    • (a) the right to exist, persist and continue its vital cycles unaltered, unharmed and unpolluted by human beings;
    • (b) the right to maintain ecological integrity;
    • (c) the right to be defined as a self-sustaining, intelligent, cohesive, intact lunar ecosystem, beyond current human comprehension;
    • (d) the right to independently maintain its own life-sustaining relationship with the Earth’s environments and living creatures; and
    • (e) the right to remain a forever peaceful celestial entity, unmarred by human conflict or warfare.

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Connect with the Facebook Group for discussions and news about the Declaration of the Rights of the Moon.

Latest Signatures

327Penny W.Glossop United KingdomI think it's ghastly the way we're going to invade the moon and plunder its resources. Really disrespectful. I don't want to look up in the sky and think that humans are living there. Let's hope some spirit force prevents it and that universal forces just don't allow us to do it.
326Rebecca C.Queensland Australia
325Fiona R.Springfield AustraliaHoping this is one of many such acknowledgements of the rights of nature to exist and persist..
324G L.Old South Wales United Kingdom
323barbara d.Zandeweer Netherlands
322Fleur B.Amsterdam Netherlands
321Frank F.Bend United States
320Li M.Malmö SwedenThis is a unique opportunity to do better than we have before and respect the relationship we have with the moon.
319Rina F.Pretoria South AfricaHumans impact the physical environment negatively, so let us make a promise not to destroy the moon as we did our mother earth.
318simon g.Darmstadt GermanyAn Antarctic treaty for the moon. Don't destroy a pristine environment.
317AnonymousGalway Ireland
315Linda D.Wales United Kingdom
314AnonymousIstanbul Turkey
313AnonymousRandwick AustraliaThe moon is vital for so many aspects of human life, from culture to science, to stabilising our planet. To destroy the moon, its memory unto itself, and any heritage or scientific inforamtion contained within its presence only makes humanity worse off.
312Avery J.Atlanta United States
311Sajidah A.Koah Australia
310Lawrence H.Malanda Australia
309Brian E.Speewah Australia
308Lorraine S.Mornington Australia
307Julie-Ann H.Leura Australia
306Daniel M.Katoomba AustraliaThe Moon is sacred and must be protected.
305Alasdair T.Sydney Australia
304Ana F.Leura AustraliaCan we all understand the violence in mining the earth resources and not make the same mistake on the moon. The moon is a sacred space and deserves respect.
303Maureen A.Aberystwyth United Kingdom
302Ian T.Reedy Creek 4227 AustraliaKeep the ultra rich from pollution our Moon with space junk, habitation and mining ventures.
301Chris S.Koah AustraliaThe moon belongs to us all. Leave it alone for us all to enjoy!
300Leslie M.Randwick AustraliaWe need to protect the Moon from desecration eg human settlement, mining, exploitation,
299Gillian S.Koah AustraliaThank you for this opportunity…
298AnonymousKitakyushu Zimbabwe
297ADRIAN G.CDMX MexicoMexican Space Agency
296AnonymousTbilisi Georgia
295AnonymousTasmania Australia
294Sonya McKay A.Newcastle AustraliaThere is a need for protection towards all heritage, our origin, and who we are
293AnonymousGresham United StatesI fully support the efforts to halt the exploitation of the earth and all entities in existence in outer space.
292Philip H.St John's NL Canada
291Hamish R.Lincoln New ZealandI have used the Moon to teach environmental planning students to think creatively, 'outside the sphere'. Hence interest in this.
290AnonymousCambuslang United Kingdom
289Paul T.NEWQUAY United Kingdom
288Sarah M.Mparntwe Australiadon't nuke the moon! It's hard to write a poem without mentioning the moon
287Iris E.Cincinnati United States
286Juan D.Merida MexicoVery good I like
285Jonah N.Simsbury United States
284Hugues M.Amiens France
283Eleni I.Helsinki FinlandThe Moon (and outer space) shouldn't become the subject of exploitation. Love to read about this initiative. Thank you!
282Ram Ramprasad R.Lansdale United States
281AnonymousSan Diego United States
280Merkel T.Lörrach Germany
279ardaga w.Piatã BrazilBillionaires, military–industrial complex, dog-gone crazy presidentes (...) HANDS OFF THE MOON!
278AnonymousAthens Greece