The Australian Earth Laws Alliance has been built entirely by volunteers, including our volunteer Board of Management.

AELA is not currently taking new volunteers or interns, but please visit our website again in August 2024 if you’re interested in volunteering with us in late 2024 or early 2025.

If you have further questions, please email us at: aela@earthlaws.org.au

Volunteer Testimonies

Tom O’Farrell

Volunteer with AELA during 2022-2023

'Having the opportunity to Volunteer at AELA has been an excellent experience; I have enjoyed contributing to the outstanding work that AELA does through increasing people's understanding of ecocentric governance. I was looking for an organisation to complete my Pro Bono hours as a part of my law school degree when I came across AELA in my university's Pro Bono Handbook, I had always been interested in the energy transition space and AELA intrigued me.

AELA provided me with the assistance I needed to pursue my research task on the Rights of Nature - the task allowed me to practise and advance my legal research skills which I found very beneficial. I encourage all legal students to volunteer at AELA if you are interested in the environment and want to work with a fun team. Michelle and the rest of the crew are very supportive and are making a real difference in the way people see and interact with the environment.’ 

Niña Guno

Professional Volunteer, media and marketing

I volunteered for AELA because I was interested in its approach to making the Earth liveable for all beings. I come from the Philippines, a country whose natural resources have been depleted due to colonial and capitalist interests, and at the expense of Indigenous people who have long cared for our land. I see parallels with the Australian experience, and I feel a connection in the philosophy of AELA to acknowledge our broken systems and find ways to reimagine our laws and the economy for a better, more inclusive world.

My background is in journalism and I’ve done a few stories on the environment, but AELA’s approach was completely new to me. Even if I was a newcomer, the AELA team — Michelle, James and Sarah — were receptive to my ideas and I appreciated that they respected my time in volunteering for them even if it was limited because of other life commitments.

I highly recommend volunteering with AELA if you like collaboration, new and diverse ideas, and people who lead with empathy. Thank you AELA for the opportunity!

AELA welcomes applications from qualified professionals and students of any discipline, at any time through the year. We also host Student Interns from Universities around Australia and overseas.