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Greenprints & Bioregional Governance

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About Greenprints

The Greenprints initiative –

  • provides a practical, step-by-step approach to help people understand both the big picture and the small details, of how to transform our societies and thrive within our ecological limits;
  • is an Australian-designed approach, that aims to be accessible to anyone. It demystifies and connects the many varied concepts, models and methods that can be used to create sustainable and regenerative communities, organisations and societies.
  • cuts through jargon and outlines a step-wise approach to creating systems change and governance transformation at any scale.

Greenprints is a process, and an output.

  • Greenprints offers a process to help us find and use the very best sustainability & regenerative approaches, so we can redesign societies to thrive within our local, regional & global ecological limits. The basic process is set out on our website (see the Greenprints Steps webpage) and the detail of how to carry out each step can be explored once people sign up to the Greenprints approach.
  • By using the process, people can create the output that gave the system its name: ‘greenprints’.  These are a set of viable alternatives to business as usual – a bit like sustainability blueprints: scenarios showing place-based, alternative land use options (local and bioregional scale), regenerative economic activities and socially just, democratic decision making processes.

Greenprints is multi-discliplinary and as every project that uses the Greenprints approach is unique, we collaborate with experts from across a vast number of fields.  We draw in as required, experts from the natural sciences, social sciences, Indigenous knowledge systems, law, planning, ethics, economics, community development and the arts, to create Earth centred governance for bioregional ecological health in Australia.

Read more on the Greenprints website here