Friends of AELA

Would you like to join the movement to create Earth-centred systems change in Australia?

Please consider becoming a ‘Friend of AELA’, by donating a regular amount each month, to support our amazing projects!

For just $5, $10, $20 or more each month, you’ll be able to directly contribute to our systems change work.

And all donations to AELA are completely tax deductible.

See below for how to become a Friend of AELA, and support community projects, research and education activities, and how to actively support the ‘next generation’ of AELA-ites, working hard to educate, inspire and transform.

Why become a Friend of AELA?

When you become a ‘Friend of AELA’, you will:

  • Feel fabulous because you’ll know you’re directly supporting our work!
  • Receive special email updates and access to briefings about our work
  • Be invited to join our brand new ‘Friends of AELA’ private facebook page, to see regular photos and news from our team
  • Receive discounts for any paid events that AELA hosts (though please note we mostly offer free events, as we’re dedicated to sharing knowledge widely and equitably)
  • Be able to claim all the donations you make to AELA as a tax deduction

Our Friends of AELA program starts on 30 September 2022, so join us before then and join our Earth-centred work.

How to become a Friend of AELA

  • Choose one of the regular donation buttons: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Enter the amount you would like to contribute
  • Type your first initial and last name (eg M Smith) as an identifier
  • Once you have signed up to become a regular donor, please email us ( and let us know:
    • if you would like to join our private Facebook page
    • if you would like to receive updates about from the AELA Team about our projects, partners and our weekly activities at AELA House

We will then add you to the lists you’d like to be part of.
You can also choose to NOT receive any updates.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime:

Thank you so much for supporting AELA!