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    This writing, workshop and symposium project aims to bring together academics, legal practitioners, First Nations Peoples and environmental and animal protection activists and groups in Australia, to explore innovative laws from around the world and existing legal mechanisms in Australia.  The goal is to create an accessible analysis of how the legal status of nature could be transformed in Australia. Please click here to read more about this project, and email if you’d like more information, or to get involved.


* 11 August – Melbourne, Melbourne Law School.  Please click here for information about the Melbourne workshop
* 9 November  – Sydney, UTS,  Please click here for all the details
* 21 November – Brisbane, QUT.  Please click here for information about the Brisbane workshop


  • INSPIRING EARTH ETHICS: LINKING VALUES AND ACTION, National Conference23rd and 24th November, 2017, Brisbane.  This conference will bring together people working in the fields of ethics, indigenous knowledge systems, environmental education/science, eco-psychology, deep ecology, the arts and other fields, to explore practical ways to build Earth centred ethics in modern societies. For more information, please click here. 


  • SUMMER SCHOOL – 27 November to 1st December 2017, 1 week Summer Intensive Course, Griffith University Law School: “Wild law: the theory and practice of Earth jurisprudence”.  Please click here for more information


October – International Symposium – “Exploring the Legal Status of Nature” (Brisbane)
An International Symposium will be held in Brisbane in late September 2018, to bring together international and national researchers and experts engaged in the project.  Confirmed speakers include: Cormac Cullinan – author of ‘Wild Law’ (South Africa), Professor Klaus Bosselman (NZ), Lisa Mead (UK), Geoffrey Garver (Canada), Mary Graham, First Nations Elder (Australia).  For more information, please email: 

October – Peoples’ Tribunal for the Rights of Nature (Brisbane)
More details will be available soon