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Videos and Audio Material

  • Online book launch, featuring members of the Ecological Law and Governance Association (ELGA) - "From Environmental to Ecological Law"

2020 videos by AELA - Interviews and Podcasts with Dr Michelle Maloney, AELA

Individual Speakers

Films and Documentaries

  • Planet and People First: A Global Exchange report Cochabamba, Bolivia 2010 from Global exchange on Vimeo. A 13-minute short film from the World People’s Climate Conference in Cochabamaba, Bolivia.
  • Seeds of Freedom (Short film 30 mins, 2012). Produced by The Gaia Foundation and the African Biodiversity Network, in collaboration with MELCA Ethiopia, Navdanya International and GRAIN and narrated by Jeremy Irons.
  • Journey of the Universe (Film, 2011). A Collaboration of evolutionary philosopher, Brian Thomas Swimme, and historian of religions, Mary Evelyn Tucker. Journey of the Universe Educational Services.
  • The Story of the Earth: The First 4.5 billion years, from Stardust to Living Planet, Robert M Hazen (2012)
  • First Life, presented by David Attenborough (BBC)
  • Wonders of the Universe, presented by Prof. Brian Cox (BBC)
  • How to Grow a Planet, presented by Iain Stewart (BBC)
  • Australia: The Time Travellers Guide, Richard Smith (ABC)
  • Secrets of Our Living Planet, Chris Packham (SBS Series 2013)


  • Thomas Berry, The Great Work: Our Way into the Future (Three Rivers Press,1999)
  • Thomas Berry, The Sacred Universe: Earth, Spirituality, and religion in the 21st Century (Columbia University Press, 2009)
  • Kirsten Anker, Peter Burdon, Geoffrey Garver, Michelle Maloney and Carla Sbert, From Environmental to Ecological Law, Series: Explorations in Environmental Studies, Routledge, (forthcoming 2020)
  • Peter Burdon (ed), Exploring Wild Law, The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence (Wakefield Press, 2011)
  • Cormac Cullinan. Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice (Green Books, 2003)
  • Maloney, Michelle and Peter Burdon (eds) Wild Law in Practice (Routledge, Glasshouse Press, 2014)
  • Susan, Hanna, Carl Folke, Karl-Goran Maler and Kenneth Arrow, Rights to Nature (Island Press, 1996)
  • Tucker, Mary-Evelyn (ed), Evening Thoughts: Reflections on Earth as Sacred Community (The University of California Press, 2006)
  • Nicholas Agar, Life's Intrinsic Value (Columbia University Press, 2001)
  • Lawrence E Johnson, A Morally Deep World: An Essay on Moral Significance and Environmental Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
  • Christopher D. Stone, Should Trees have standing? Law, Morality and the Environment (Oxford University Press, 3rd ed. 2010)

Introductory Reading List: Earth jurisprudence and Earth Laws


  • Thomas Berry, “The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future”, Bell Tower, New York 1999
  • Peter Burdon (ed), “Exploring Wild Law: The Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence”, Wakefield Press, Adelaide, 2011
  • Cormac Cullinan, “Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice”, Green Books, Totnes UK 2011
  • Michelle Maloney and Peter Burdon (eds) “Wild Law in Practice”, Routledge Press, 2014

Online articles


Journal Articles

  • Glen-Peter Ahlers, Sr. ‘Earth Jurisprudence: A Pathfinder’ (2008) 11 Barry Law Review. Available at SSRN:
  • Samuel Alexander, ‘Earth Jurisprudence and the Ecological Case for Degrowth,’ (2010) 37 Journal of Jurisprudence 2
  • Samuel Alexander, 'Peak Oil and the Twilight of Growth' (October 8, 2011). Available at SSRN: or
  • Peter Burdon, ‘A Theory of Earth Jurisprudence’ (2012) 37 Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy
  • Peter Burdon, ‘Earth Jurisprudence and the Murray-Darling, The Future of a River’ (2012) 27 Alternative Law Journal 82
  • Peter Burdon, ‘The Great Jurisprudence’ (2011) 14 Southern Cross University Law Review
  • Peter Burdon ‘Earth Rights: The Theory’ (2011) 1 IUCN Academy of Environmental Law e-Journal.
  • Peter Burdon, ‘What if Trees Could Sue?’ (2011) ABC Environment.
  • Peter Burdon, ‘The Rights of Nature; Reconsidered.’ (2010) 49 Australian Humanities Review 69.
  • Peter Burdon, ‘Wild Law: the Philosophy of Earth Jurisprudence’ (2010) 35 Alternative Law Journal 2.
  • Peter Burdon, ‘Thomas Berry and Earth Jurisprudence’ (2010) EarthSong Journal: Perspectives in Ecology, Spirituality and Education 12
  • Lorraine Code, ‘Ecological Responsibilities: Which Trees? Where? Why?’ (2012) 84, Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 3
  • Cormac Cullinan, ‘If Nature Had Rights What Would We Need to Give up?’ (2008) Orion Magazine -
  • Elaine C. Hsiao, ‘Whanganui River Agreement – Indigenous Rights and Rights of Nature’ (2013) 42 Environmental Policy and Law 6
  • Judith E. Koons, ‘Earth Jurisprudence and the Story of Oil: Intergenerational Justice for the Post-Petroleum Period’ (2011) 46 University of San Francisco Law Review, Summer
  • Judith E. Koons. ‘What is Earth Jurisprudence? Key Principles to Transform Law for the Health of the Planet’ (2009) 18 Penn State Environmental Law Review 47
  • Judith E. Koons. ‘Earth Jurisprudence: The Moral Value of Nature’ (2008) 25, Pace Environmental Law Review 2
  • Judith E. Koons. ‘Earth Jurisprudence: The Future of Law and The Planet’ (2008) 12 Young Lawyer 9
  • Michelle Maloney, ‘Earth Jurisprudence and Sustainable Consumption’ (2011) 14 Southern Cross University Law Review
  • Ben Mylius, ‘Beyond Thought and Language’ (2011) 14 Southern Cross University Law Review
  • Ngaire Naffine, ‘Legal Personality and the Natural World: On The Persistence of The Human Measure of Value’ (2012) 68 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 3
  • Gonzalo Oviedo and Tatjana Puschkarsky, ‘World Heritage and Rights-based Approaches to Nature Conservation’ (2012) 18 International Journal of Heritage Studies 285
  • Philippe Sands, ‘On Being 40: A Celebration of “Should Trees Have Standing?”’ (2012) 68 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 3
  • Sister Patricia Siemen, OP, Esquire. ‘Earth Jurisprudence: Towards Law in Nature’s Balance’ (2008) 11 Barry Law Review, Fall
  • Christopher D Stone, ‘Response to Commentators’ (2012) 100 Journal of Human Rights and the Environment 3
  • Patrick Tolan, Ecocentric Perspectives on Global Warming: Toward an Earth Jurisprudence (2009) 39 Global Studies Journal
  • Wild Law: Is There Any Evidence of Earth Jurisprudence in Existing Law and Practice? (UKELA and Gaia Foundation, 2009)

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