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Inspiring Earth Ethics: Linking Values and Action

Inspiring Earth Ethics: Linking Values and Action

Earth Ethics Australia - Volume 1

This publication is the first produced by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance’s “Earth Ethics Program”, which offers a space for people to explore ideas and actions that stem from our interconnectedness with, and dependence upon, the living world. Our ethical values are critically important; the way we think about ourselves and understand our world informs the governance systems that guide our societies, so our ethical world view is a critical part of the roots for larger change. Earth ethics orient people towards recognising the interconnected systems of life that we are part of, and in turn help us reflect, make decisions and act in a way that nurtures rather than destroys the living world.

Earth Ethics Australia is a biennial, peer-reviewed journal containing research--and commentaries on research--into ethics, law and governance with a focus on Earth-centred ways of being. As an official publication of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA), the journal aims to share knowledge and understanding about living an Earth-centred life and building an Earth-centred governance system for our wider community.

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