Earth Laws Month 2022: Collaborations in Art and Science

September 5, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (AEST)
Online (via Zoom)

Join innovative scientists and artists from Australia and New Zealand for a lively discussion about interdisciplinary collaborations in art and science. What elements make for a successful collaboration? Are artists and scientists even compatible? And what are the benefits to cross-collaborations?

Hear from four art and science collaborators as they share insights and experiences on their work, including: Dr Miles Parsons from the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Andrew Grodecki, art-science producer/curator and QUT PhD candidate, Tessie Liddell, animator and science communicator and Nadine Schmoll, award-winning environmental artist and educator.


Nadine Schmoll

Nadine Schmoll is a Meanjin/Brisbane artist and educator whose interdisciplinary practice spans art and science to explore plant, animal and human interconnections. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (Visual Arts) and has over ten years experience as a museum and arts educator. Nadine was awarded First Prize in the Remagine Art Prize (2022 and 2021). She was the recipient of the SWELL Smalls People’s Choice Award (2021) and the LUMAS Gallery and Sequana Partners Arts Grant (2020).


Dr Miles Parsons, Australian Institute of Marine Science -

Dr. Miles Parsons attained his PhD at the Centre for Marine Science and Technology, Curtin University, in 2010, where he remained as a Research Fellow until December, 2017. He then joined the Australian Institute for Marine Science as a Research Scientist, focusing on underwater acoustics and, in particular, the use of passive acoustic monitoring to census marine fauna, assess biodiversity and health, and to investigate the impacts of manmade activities on aquatic animals.

Andy Grodecki, Department of Environment and Science -

Andy Grodecki has been a very long-term conservationist and an advocate for the arts, especially all forms of public art. For over 30 years Andy has worked as a public servant in area of community engagement, science and natural resource management. As part of this over the last decade Andy introduced and managed 4 Artist in Residence Science Programs and has curated 8 Art meets Science Exhibitions. For the last few years, he has also been doing a PhD with QUT about stakeholder engagement for art-science projects aiming to motivate action on climate change.

Tessie Liddell, animator and science communicator -

Tessie Liddell is a New Zealand/Australian animator who specialises in 2D hand drawn animation to create films that combine science education with storytelling. She is currently completing a PhD with Griffith University investigating how animated storytelling may be used to disseminate environmental messages.Recently, Tessie completed two films for the Department of Environment and Science on sustainable property management for animal graziers.