Deep listening to nature – with Andrew Skeoch

September 6, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (AEST)
Event series: Earth Laws Month 2023

Join us as Andrew Skeoch shares his observations from decades of making sound recordings of nature. Andrew will discuss his recent book - "Deep Listening to Nature" - in which he explores our relationship with nature and what we can learn from listening to the wondrous communications within the natural world.

By tuning in to the sounds of creatures around us, Andrew will discuss how to identify species by call, interpret their communications and find empathy for their sentience. Andrew asks: What does listening reveal about how the living systems of nature function, and why do birds in particular negotiate their interactions in such lyrical and extraordinary ways? He concludes by suggesting we not only listen to learn about nature, but to learn from nature. He asks how, in our current environmental crisis, we may mimic what the biosphere has achieved in sustaining life as we move toward an ecological future and in doing so, form a deeper and more personal connection to Country.


Andrew is an educator, naturalist, environmental thinker and one of Australia's best known nature sound recordists. Over the last twenty years, he has journeyed to remote locations in Asia, India, America, Europe, Africa and the Pacific in search of some of our planet's most beautiful and fascinating sounds. Combining his areas of expertise with a deep curiosity, Andrew explores the crucial role of sound and communication in nature and evolution. He weaves the latest scientific understandings into a fascinating celebration of the natural soundscape around us.

Andrew's website is here:

And you can access some of Andrew's recordings on AELA's "Earth Arts" website here (scroll down the page to 'Listening to Nature'):


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