Degrowth in Australia – What’s Possible?

September 12, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm (AEST)
Online (via Zoom)
Event series: Earth Laws Month 2023

What exactly is ‘degrowth’? And why are people advocating for it? Where does degrowth sit with respect to other alternative economic models and futures? Anitra Nelson and Terry Leahy will discuss Australian degrowth initiatives in a worldwide context.

Degrowth is a political, philosophical, social and economic approach to transform ourselves away from growth economies and build a society based on satisfying everyone’s basic needs within Earth’s limits, in a just, caring and commoning economy.

* This event is being co-hosted by the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) in partnership with the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) *



Anitra is an activist-scholar affiliated with the Informal Urbanism Research Hub (InfUr-) at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Anitra has written several books and many articles about degrowth including:


Terry Leahy is a conjoint at the School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle. Terry does research in social theory, the global environmental crisis and food security for Africa. Taken as a whole, his work is related to the project of non-market socialism and the gift economy. His current writing and research investigates sustainable agriculture and food security, the global environmental crisis, and the philosophy of the social sciences. His most recent publication is The Politics of Permaculture (Pluto Press, 2021).

See Terry's website —