Why localising our economies is good for people and planet

June 21, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm (AEST)
Online (via Zoom)

What is 'localisation' and why does it offer so many benefits to people and the environment? Join us this World Localisation Day to discuss how the localisation of our economies, societies and environmental protection strategies, can bring multifaceted benefits to our people and planet.



Morag is an award-winning permaculture teacher and designer, and the founder of the Permaculture Education Institute. She has led permaculture programs in 22 countries, and is a recognised international leader of the permaculture movement for change. you can visit her website here: https://permacultureeducationinstitute.org/


Henry Coleman is a writer, speaker, project coordinator and ‘big picture activist’, working closely with Local Futures’ founder Helena Norberg-Hodge (author and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award). Since 2015, he has coordinated localisation projects in Northern NSW, Australia, and in Ladakh, India, which has informed a global perspective of today’s social and ecological challenges. He is currently based near Lismore, NSW.


Dr Michelle Maloney (BA/LLB(Hons),PhD) is the Co-founder and Director of the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) and National Convenor of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA).Michelle co-founded NENA to support the need in Australia for civil society action and solidarity around critiquing neoclassical/growth economics, and building alternative economic systems. More details about Michelle's work can be found on her AELA profile page - https://www.earthlaws.org.au/michelle


NENA is a network of organisations and individuals working to create an ecologically healthy and socially just society by transforming Australia’s economic system. NENA works by providing a platform for knowledge sharing, peer to peer support, cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration.
Visit our website: www.neweconomy.org.au or Email us: nena@neweconomy.org.au


World Localization Day is an annual celebration of the worldwide localization movement. It's more than just a day: it’s an invitation to see the world in a new way. To gain an awareness of place by participating in small-scale, local economic exchanges. To create change locally as part of a global movement for healthier communities and economies.