Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporations and Nature

The Green Institute - Rebalancing Rights: Communities, Corporations And Nature

Rebalancing Rights - book coverThis collection began its life as an exploration of the concept of Rights of Nature. However, in early research and conversations it swiftly became clear that it would be worthwhile setting this concept into the broader context of the suppression of human rights and civil and political rights. As it was frequently pointed out, there is little point establishing a new set of rights if existing rights are not being honoured. Worse, given ongoing anti-environmental framing, it could set up a counterproductive contest, with the new rights for nature being portrayed as subjugating human rights even further.

This collection includes contributions from some of Australia’s leading thinkers and practitioners in their fields, including Michelle Maloney, Peter Burdon, John Quiggin, Nicola Paris and Anne Poelina.

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