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Ocean Rights and Kinship Alliance [ORKA]

About ORKA

The Ocean Rights and Kinship Alliance (ORKA) is a network of people working to uphold and defend the fundamental rights of the ocean. Our members come from all corners of the Pacific Ocean, and beyond.  We emphasise the diversity of our cultural and genealogical connections to the ocean, and the importance of maintaining this diversity.

ORKA’s goals are:

  • To connect people who work with ocean rights and kinship as a conceptual framework, to share ideas with each other, and to collaborate on practical initiatives.
  • To normalise the idea of kinship/oceanhood as a basis for decision-making.
  • To learn from people and communities who understand ocean kinship through their own traditional practices.

ORKA began as a two-day workshop in November 2018, convened in Auckland by the late Sue Taei. The purpose of the workshop was to draw on emerging legal thought around the rights of nature and legal personhood, and think about how these could be applied to the ocean – both within and across national jurisdictions. 

Workshop participants created a statement of our collective thinking, which you can read here. From this initial workshop, the network has been meeting regularly to share news and collaborate on initiatives.

About our Members

Please visit our membership page to find out about the amazing people who are part of our network, and who work tirelessly to care for and protect our oceans. View the ORKA members here.

"We are the Ocean, and the Ocean is us"

At the event that created the ORKA network, a statement was created that reflects our shared views and intentions. You can read this statement here.

Latest News from the Network


Upcoming events will be listed here. Check back soon!