Karina Miotto

Karina Miotto is an environmental educator and journalist. She lived in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil for many years and worked with major NGOs. She was an editor of the O Eco website, covering the 9 countries of the Amazon basin. She learnt Deep Ecology directly from Joanna Macy, John Seed and Stephan Harding. She has a Master's Degree in Holistic Science, at Schumacher College, England. She is also a TEDx organizer and TEDx speaker. Karina has been living in Australia since 2019. She has been writing, leading workshops and giving talks and classes to community groups, events, festivals, schools and universities.

Author's posts

Understanding Deep Ecology: A Path to Ecological Consciousness

Deep ecology, a philosophy and a movement that emerged in the 1970s, represents a profound shift in our understanding of humanity's relationship with the natural world. At its core, it challenges the anthropocentric view that humans are separate from and …

The Council of All Beings: A Deep Ecology Experience of Unity and Reflection

Photo of a female Satin Bowerbird on a tree branch.

In the year 1986, Australian environmentalist John Seed and North-American activist Joanna Macy joined forces to create a ritual known as "The Council of All Beings." This practice draws inspiration from Deep Ecology principles and indigenous wisdom. It serves a …