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Earth Laws Asia Pacific :
Earth, Sea, Fire, Spirit

Wednesday 14th - Friday 16th October, 2020

Above: ‘Rights of Nature in Australia”, by Kathryn Baulch, Digital Graphic Recorder/Live Sketch Artist

"Drawing is not what one sees but what one can make others see." Edgar Degas

I’m passionate about people, pictures, ideas and learning.  With a background in art and design, I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and working as a Graphic Recorder and Illustrator for the past five years. As you talk, I create a “live” drawing on screen, adding a visual dimension to increase audience engagement and provide you with an eye-catching, conversation starting memento of your collective experience - ideal for sharing afterwards on social media.

About the Conference

The escalating impacts of climate change are being felt around the Asia Pacific region. As Australian communities recover and rebuild from a summer of horrific bushfires, other communities are coping with sea level rise, flooding, forced transition of cities and communities to safe zones, increasing environmental deterioration and biodiversity loss. With the outbreak of COVID-19, environmental protection efforts have changed dramatically, and there is much to learn and share from our each other.

This conference invites participants to share research and project updates, and work together to progress collaborative projects. This year’s conference will bring together First Nations peoples, legal experts and legal practitioners from around the Asia Pacific region (in person and via Zoom). It will also bring ocean rights and law of the sea experts together with Earth laws experts focused on terrestrial land and biodiversity management.

The Call for Proposals has now closed.

The Conference invites participants to address any of the following questions:

  • How are innovative Earth laws and Rights of Nature laws supporting the Earth community? How can such laws be improved to be more effective?
  • How are First Nations Peoples and their legal systems influencing and leading Earth centred
    governance and/or challenging colonisation in the 21st Century?
  • What role can Earth centred law and governance play in building biodiverse societies?
  • What lessons can we share and learn from around the Asia Pacific region, that will support and
    nurture diverse Earth centred cultures and legal approaches?


Proposals may cover any of the following interconnected topics:

EARTH—vegetation management, regenerative agriculture, healthy soils, animal law, biodiversity protection, innovative land management, challenging extractivism, climate change mitigation and adaptation, land use planning, consumption and production, ecological limits.

SEA—marine species, protected areas, managing fisheries, coastal zone and catchment management, climate change and sea level rise, sea bed mining, cultural connections to oceans and waterways.

FIRE—fire management, community resilience, new approaches to human settlements in response to increasingly destructive fire seasons.

SPIRIT—interconnectedness and relationship based governance approaches, restoration and healing, cultural and ethical values, ecospirituality, mental & physical health.