Legal Right for the Great Barrier Reef

If the Great Barrier Reef could sue, the Adani Mine would already be dead in the water.
Sign our pledge and work with us to transform our legal system.

Our legal system has failed to protect the Great Barrier Reef.  This is not surprising, given that Australia’s laws support a system that believes in limitless growth, limitless resource extraction, and the idea that nature is merely human property. Our laws do not recognise the rights of local communities to stop unwanted developments, and they do not recognise the inherent rights of the natural world to live and flourish.

We’re working to create a strong legal voice for nature and local communities, so ordinary people can defend the rights of the natural world, and demand a healthy future built on a living economy. 

And we’re starting with the Great Barrier Reef.

Despite extensive efforts by environmental protection groups, our legal system has failed to protect the Great Barrier Reef from carbon pollution and the impacts of climate change.  In law, the Great Barrier Reef and other vital living systems in Australia, are merely ‘objects’ for human use.

We’re part of a global movement that believes the natural world has the inherent right to exist, thrive and evolve, and human communities have an inherent obligation to care for country and protect the environment.  Laws granting legal personhood and ‘rights of nature’ already exist in the USA, Ecuador, Bolivia, Mexico, India, Columbia and New Zealand. 

It’s time Australians got serious about transforming their legal system too.

Join the movement and transform the system – sign our pledge to create new laws that acknowledge the Reef’s rights to exist, thrive and evolve.

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