International Summit on the Rights of Nature – 13-16 January 2014

In mid January 2014, the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature hosted a five-day summit in Ecuador, featuring more than 60 global leaders of the Rights of Nature movement. Participants came from Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, United States, Spain, Canada, India, Romania, Bolivia, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, as well as Ecuador.

The Global Alliance for Rights of Nature was founded at a gathering in Ecuador in 2010, two years after Ecuador became the first nation in the world to adopt Rights of Nature in its Constitution. Australia has been a founding member since the Alliance was created, and Michelle Maloney represented AELA at the Summit.

At the January 2014 Summit, the leaders committed to redoubling their efforts to broaden and deepen the movement worldwide over the coming year, with a series of actions that will be detailed in the next months. A range of working groups will be continued, and new groups have been commenced.

More details about the Global Alliance's future strategies and work, will be available on AELA's website soon.

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