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Earth Ethics Submission Form

Please fill out our online proposal form (below) by 10 July 2019. We require a 200 word summary of your proposal  + 100 word biography. The Call for Participation details are available below the form.

Submission Form



Call for Participation—Proposals due by 10 July 2019

We invite all prospective participants to be creative with your proposals and we welcome academic papers, interactive workshops, discussion groups, experiential activities and other forms of expression or ritual. Although we have invited some speakers in advance, the final program will depend upon what you submit.

The nine focus areas of the conference will inform the structure of the plenary and breakout sessions. The focus areas are:

  • Perspectives and approaches from First Nations Peoples
  • Earth-centred ethics – with a focus on applied ethics in our daily personal and professional lives
  • Environmental education
  • Environmental psychology
  • Faith, eco-spirituality and eco-theology
  • Environmental rights and Earth laws
  • Earth-centred economies, farming and sustainable business practices
  • Science, conservation and climate change
  • Arts and creative imagining

Participation Options

The following types of participation are invited:

  • Academic papers – 15 minutes for presentations, followed by time for questions and discussion (Panel proposals are also welcome – 50 minutes in total will be allocated to panels)
  • Discussion groups - 50 minutes in total
  • Short performances or interventions – 25 minutes in total
  • Mini-workshops or facilitated practices – 25 minutes
  • ‘Side’ events that could be run on the day/evening before or after the conference
  • Any other creative ideas!


More information please email: