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Course: Earth-Centred Futures

Earth-Centred Futures

professional development course
7 may to 25 june 2024
tuesdays 4-6pm AEST

The Earth-Centred Futures course was run from 7 May to 25 June, 2024.

This course will be hosted again in 2025.

If you would like to be updated about the next offering of this course, please complete our Expression of Interest form here.

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I would recommend this course to those interested in Earth-centred issues. The course introduced me to many new ideas, perspectives, and strategies, including systems change, alternative economic and legal approaches, and Indigenous Relationist ethos.

Earth-Centre Futures course

This course has been amazing and I am beyond glad that I took part. Engaging topics, inspiring guest speakers and motivating members.

This course has changed the way I see the world, and the people, around me.

Earth-Centre Futures course

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...this course was fantastic , thought provoking, extremely informative relevant and positive in the face of adversity…

Earth-Centre Futures course

This course has renewed my energy and optimism for the future. It is a highly pertinent and inspiring course for anyone who feels distressed about the current climate crisis or disillusioned with the systems that have lead us here. It highlights the brilliant innovation and discussions that are already happening in the world, and provides coherent frameworks for change that not only make sense but feel good too.

What an absolute relief!

Earth-Centre Futures course

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This thoughtfully-constructed course connects deep ideas with interdisciplinary practice in an enlivening and impactful way. Come for the impressive line-up of guest speakers; stay for the well-paced course materials, warm facilitation, community connections and enthusiastic support for applying Earth-centred concepts to your life and work.

Earth-Centre Futures course

The ideas in this course made me tingle with inspiration. Just what I needed to feel encouraged in my pursuit for a better world.

Thanks AELA!

Earth-Centre Futures course

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More Information

2024 Course Details

  • Read the Course Outline here.
  • 8 week ONLINE course.
  • 7 May to 25 June, 2024
  • Live classes are held on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm Brisbane time / Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
  • Facilitated by Dr Michelle Maloney and featuring experts from multi-disciplinary fields including Indigenous knowledge, western science, law, economics and policy.
  • Who should attend? Everyone! This course is aimed at a general audience of practitioners and scholars who wish to learn about how to integrate ecocentric thinking and practice more effectively into their own work
  • Live tutorials will also be offered during the 8 week course, based on course participants' interests and availability
  • All classes are recorded for class participants
  • Participants can choose to participate in assessment (entirely optional) to earn a digital badge from AELA
  • For more information, contact us at

2024 course presenter and guest speakers

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Michelle Maloney - course instructor