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AELA has hosted dozens of workshops around Australia, for community groups, environmental groups and other organisations.

Our workshops are aimed at people interested in learning more about Earth jurisprudence, as well as people who are already working in Earth centred practice.

We can offer presentations (1-2 hours), as well as 1 day, 2 day and longer workshops and teach-ins.

AELA Education courses and workshops can be tailored for any audience, and can include:

  • Rights of Nature, Ecocide and Earth jurisprudence/Earth laws
  • Exploring Justice - Human Rights, Nature's Rights, Ecological Justice and Multi-species Justice
  • Beyond Sustainability: Earth System Science, Planetary Boundaries and Earth centred bioregional governance
  • Unpacking and Understanding Current Laws - a course designed to help people understand why current environmental and planning laws and sustainability frameworks, are not enough to protect the living world
  • Earth Democracy and Community based eco-governance
  • Earth Ethics
  • Earth Arts

If you would like to co-host a workshop, seminar or public lecture in your community, please get in touch with us any time –

If you would like to see examples of AELA workshops, please visit our Events and Past Events webpages.