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Peace and Stability Dialogue Series: Events

Past Events

21 November 2019 - University of Queensland, St Lucia Campus, Sir Llew Edwards Building (Building 14)

Exploring inter-disciplinarity
and human relationships with land

Hosted by:
Future Dreaming Australia
Australian Earth Laws Alliance
School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, The University of Queensland
School of Political Science and International Studies, The University of Queensland

Peace and Stability Dialogue Series

Mary Graham

Researchers, thinkers and educators were invited to join our first, fascinating event, to begin our Peace and Stability Dialogue Series.

Symposium participants actively participated in co-creating the parameters of the questions and themes of our multi-year Dialogue Series.

Please click here to read background information about our Peace and Stability Dialogue Series (2019-2022).

Morning Symposium

9.30am to 12.30pm  -VENUE- Room: 14-212 Sir Llew Edwards Building

Invited speakers presented Six Provocations. The provocations were be designed to be contradictory, challenging and sometimes confronting.

The provocations and keynote speakers are as follows:

  • Relationism and Survivalism - Dr Mary Graham, UQ
  • Respect, Autonomy and Place - Associate Professor Yi Chen, Bond University
  • Law, Economics and Environment - Dr Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) and Law Futures Centre, Griffith University
  • Media, Technology and Communications - Professor Marcus Foth, QUT
  • Melancholy Politics - Associate Professor Michelle Boulous-Walker, UQ
  • Pluralism, Ecology and the Commons - Dr Martin Weber, UQ

These initial provocations will begin the process of building the parameters for the longer term Dialogue Series.

Afternoon Workshop

1.30pm to 5pm - VENUE: Room 14-217 Sir Llew Edwards Building

The afternoon session will build on the morning’s presentations and discussions.  Participants will work in small groups, to further explore the issues of most interest to them.  Participants will play an active part in posing questions and topics for the ongoing Dialogue Series, and will have the opportunity to explore issues of interest and importance to them.

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