Wild Law 2013 Conference

From 27-29 September 2013, AELA hosted Australia’s fifth Wild Law Conference at Southbank, Brisbane. The conference was titled ‘Living within our ecological limits: law and governance to nurture the Earth Community’.

The conference offered speakers and delegates an opportunity to engage with a range of scientific, economic, political, ethical and legal challenges posed by the concept of humanity living within its ecological limits. In addition to traditional academic papers and presentations, the conference held a number of round tables and working group discussions for delegates to explore issues of interest. The conference also hosted exciting ‘side events’ stimulated by multi-disciplinary partnerships, including a Wild Law Art Exhibition at a Southbank gallery, hosted by the Griffith University Queensland College of Art.

More than 150 people attended the conference and side events over the three days. Speakers and delegates came from the USA, UK, Ecuador, New Zealand and all around Australia. The conference brought together a diverse mix of people, including researchers, regulators, legal  practitioners, activists, students and interested members of the community.

For a copy of the Program, please click here.

For a copy of abstracts and powerpoint presentations from the conference, please click here.

Conference Themes and Presentations

One of the key tenets of Earth Jurisprudence is that human societies must live within their ecological limits.

But with our political and economic systems focused on growth, and humanity now using the equivalent of 1.5 Earths to meet our insatiable consumer demands – how do we reign in humanity’s use of the Earth and create governance systems that nurture, rather than destroy, the natural world?

The conference explored the following key questions for living within our ecological limits:

• How do we know our ecological limits?

• What legal and governance mechanisms can help us live within our limits?

• How do we change our current economic, political and legal systems to create human societies that live in a harmonious relationship with the Earth community?

Mock Trial

The Conference included a fascinating Rights of Nature Mock Trial, hosted on Friday night, 27th more information about the Mock Trial, please click here.

Wild Law Art Exhibition

AELA worked in partnership with the Griffith University College of Art, to host a Wild Law Art Exhibition in conjunction with our conference. For more information about this Art Exhibition, please click here.

Conference Presentations and Abstracts

For copies of abstracts and powerpoint presentations from the 2013 conference please click here.

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