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About the AELC

The Australian Earth Laws Centre (AELC) is an initiative of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA).

The AELC promotes progressive Earth centred law and regulation, including (but not limited to): the theory and practice of Earth jurisprudence, ecological law, the law of ecocide, rights of nature laws, legal personhood for nature, and First Nations Peoples' First Laws. AELC works to connect researchers and community groups who are exploring and implementing law and governance that reflects respectful relationships between the human and non-human world.


The AELC hosts a biennial Earth Laws conference in Australia, and our next conference will be held in October 2022. We also hold webinars in collaboration with our partners each year - please visit AELA's Events Page for details.


How to connect with the AELC

  • If you are a researcher and would like to share your research with our networks and connect with other researchers and practitioners in Australia and around the world, please email us and join our network:
  • If you or others in your community wish to engage with innovative Earth laws, develop your own campaign for Rights of Nature or Community Eco-Governance, please get in touch anytime:

AELA is a founding member of the Ecological Law and Governance Association (ELGA) and the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and is a member of the UN Harmony with Nature Network.