For a list of all our past events, including copies of powerpoint presentations and audio recordings, please go to our Past Events webpage by clicking here



  • 5th September, Blue Mountains – Cosmic Walk, co-hosted by Pagaian Cosmology. Please click here for further information.
  • Thursday 10th September, Adelaide – AELA is hosting a multi-disciplinary workshop at the 2015 Sustainable Engineers Conference called “The role of engineers in creating regulations for a sustainable future”. For more information about the SENG Conference, please click here and for more information about AELA’s workshop at the Conference, please email


  • Tuesday 27 October, Brisbane, 6pm – Griffith University – The significance of the Pope’s Encyclical. Please click here for information about the event. Please click here to book your place.


  • 13-15 November, AELA’s “Worker’s Retreat” Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  From Friday 13 to Sunday 15th November, AELA is hosting a retreat for our fabulous volunteers.  The retreat will be a lovely opportunity to catch up with other AELA members, get an update on national projects and work together to map out strategies for future activities.  For more information, please email:
  • 14 November, AELA’s 2015 AGM and Social Day, Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.  All AELA members and friends are invited to attend AELA’s AGM from 10.30am to 12noon, Saturday 14th November, and to stay on for an afternoon of discussions and networking.  For further information about the program, venue and how to RSVP, please click here.
  • Thursday 19 November, Adelaide – half day workshop “Building the sharing and collaborative economy in South Australia”. More details will be available soon.
  • Friday 20 November, Adelaide- 1 Day Workshop – “Let’s Talk About Consumption”
    This is our second workshop in a national series of discussions and publications about how to live within our Ecological Limits.   Please click here for the flyer and program and please click here to book your place at this FREE event.


  • 4 March 2016 “Let’s Talk About Consumption” – 1 day workshop, Melbourne. For information about this workshop and publication series, please click here.  More details about the Melbourne event will be available soon.
  • Plans are underway for AELA’s next major conference, scheduled for late 2016.  For information about our previous conferences, please click here.
  • AELA is planning a study tour to New Zealand in 2016, to connect with Earth lawyers and learn about the innovative legal structures that are now in place for the Whanganui River, Urewera Forest and Waitangi River. More details soon.
  • AELA is also planning an Australian Rights of Nature Tribunal in late 2016.  As Australia’s first Citizens Tribunal to hear about violations of the rights of nature, this event will give citizens of Australia the opportunity to come together and speak for Australia’s land, water and wider Earth community.  More details will be available soon